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Joey Roth
- By johnnydarko

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Joey Roth Ceramic Speakers & Amplifier

Product Images

Joey Roth Ceramic Speakers & Amplifier Photo 1Joey Roth Ceramic Speakers & Amplifier Photo 2Joey Roth Ceramic Speakers & Amplifier Photo 3

Simple Materials
The Ceramic Speakers are made from porcelain, cork, and Baltic Birch. Each material is minimally finished, left to add its natural beauty to the design. The included amplifier is made from stainless steel sheet metal, with a cast iron base and paulownia volume slider. Aside from the electronic components, plastic is completely avoided in the system’s construction.

Intense Detail
Typical speakers are designed to play even the most compressed or poorly recorded track. They gloss over the details that give high-resolution music its depth. The Ceramic Speakers’ custom-made drivers, porcelain and cork enclosures, and Tripath amplifier reveal every nuance. They will show the difference between lossless and mp3 files, and will unlock vinyl’s richness.

Flexible Inputs
The Ceramic Speakers connect directly to iPods and other digital music players to form an elegant, minimal music system. Their sound becomes even more dynamic when paired with a turntable and a phono pre-amp. They also connect directly to computers, laptops and televisions, providing a vast improvement over built-in speakers.

Reviews... lots of reviews!

System Includes

  • One year warranty on all electronics and enclosures
  • Two ceramic speakers, using custom Tang Band drivers
  • Amplifier based on the Tripath 2024 with gold-plated binding posts, 3.5mm input, cast iron base
  • 16-gauge oxygen-free copper speaker cables with banana plug termination
  • Interconnects for RCA and 3.5mm sources
  • 120V-240V universal power supply and adapter


  • Speaker Sensitivity - 89dB
  • Impedance - 8ohms
  • Frequency Response - 70Hz~20kHz
  • Amplifier Output - 15watts RMS per channel
  • Driver Materials - Paper diaphragm, aluminum phase plug, neodymium magnet, die-cast basket
  • Dimensions -
    • Speakers - 20L x 15W x 18H (cm)
    • Amplifier - 13L x 10W x 10H (cm)
  • Weight - 12kg



Ceramic Speakers from Joey Roth on Vimeo.

About Joey Roth
Joey Roth designs products to articulate the beauty of everyday rituals. He combines simple functionality with honest, unfinished materials that become more personal as they take on a patina of use. He’s especially interested in designing tools for ephemeral experiences like tea and music.



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